Mentally Tough!

We lost, it is what it is, BUT, what impressed me the most is the mental toughness of our players. I’ve seen other teams fold when a turnover was overturned by the officials, but our boys dug their heels in and got the 3 and out.

Offensively, we haven’t been doing well the first two games, but this game, again, our boys stepped up in difficult situations to give us a chance to win.

I’m thoroughly impressed that Pittman and his assistants are getting EVERYTHING out of this team both mentally and physically, and I hope recruits are seeing the same thing.

I love this team!!! Keep up the toughness!!!



Well said!

Yes. Totally.

They don’t quit which is refreshing bc we have over and over the last few yrs

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I wish we had been a little more mentally tough when attempting to tackle the aubbie rb tonight. He was bouncing off our defense like a racket ball.

That toughness is because they believe in their coaches.

Sounds right. To think they came back from a 17 point deficit, hung close most of the second half, and then briefly took the lead, while on the road, in the rain, with their two best offensive players not in the game - wow. Something’s in the water.

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17-0 in 2019 meant Don Meredith singing and no effort, embarrassment, etc.

This bunch is playing with supreme effort - tough and guts aplenty.

Very proud of them.

Totally agree with everything said above, and I’m a huge fan of this coaching staff and very proud of the way our players fought. Having said that, we were not mentally ready to play that game.

The first quarter play was some of the worst I’d seen in recent years – and that’s saying a lot! One first down in our first four possessions, a blocked punt for a touchdown, numerous penalties, and an unbelieveable number of missed tackles.

I was concerned about the way we might start the game after reading the various chirping that went on during the week. Maybe we should have worked more on fundamentals – tackling and discipline on offense and special teams. We will certainly need that focus against a very talented Ole Piss offense this coming week.

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