Men's Track & Field Recruiting

What a great class with the numerous transfers. Looks like we robbed Tennessee and Kentucky.

Loved to see those additions to throwers and jumpers. Several SEC and national medalists in those transfers!

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Here’s the main reason for the excellent throwers, especially the transfers from Tennessee,

Wow, he’s here as a volunteer assistant coach? How did that transpire? I assume he was a paid assistant at TN. Is the expectation that he will become a paid assistant at Arkansas? His background certainly indicates that we would definitely want to keep him here! He’s had very good success at TN.

I guess he will “coach” the Div III javelin chempion transfer?? very impressive and I would assume that this class equals the DVH recruiting class in rankings? I think that gets us at least 3 top ranked recruiting (#!) classes when you add women’s softball… plus all the other top 5’s predicts for a good Learfield finish in the near future.

Same questions crossed my mind while reading that article…why the change from long-time paid assistant with success at one SEC school to a unpaid (I presume) volunteer at another? I’m glad to have him…just don’t understand the move on his part.

Here’s some more info on three tranfer throwers.

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