Men's olympic relay

team can’t catch a break. Win bronze and then DQ because passed to early. I feel sorry for them.

Yeah, don’t know my track rules enough but looked like a borderline call, and I don’t know why Jarian Lawson wasn’t in the relay. Behind the scenes politics might have brought in Kharma.

Something needs to change… How many times have they been DQed…too many…I would say the team needs a new relay coach. Just my opinion.

As I posted yesterday, it would be either Gay or Lawson as the fourth US runner. They picked Gay over Lawson. They use the finish at the Olympic trials as a guideline. Gatlin, Bromell and Rodgers finished ahead of Gay and Lawson. And Gay finished ahead of Lawson. There is no politics here, just continuing bad karma. Unfortunately Gay gas been on most of those DQed teams and has been the culprit in two of those races,

True on Gay but tonight was not his fault and was not even within his exchange. I’m obviously not the most track oriented and don’t even know the proper terminology but the pass seemed to come after the line. Although dissapointing, I think the USA deserved a bronze.

Agree on Gay last night. USA has protested the DQ. Let’s see what happens. The baton exchange between Rodgers and Gatlin started inside the passing zone but looks like it finished few inches outside the passing zone. Gatlin was the culprit starting early. It is a borderline call. Otto Bolden, the TV analyst was somewhat surprised that DQ was called. I don’t think USA appeal will be successful.

Gay is one of the best sprinters of his time, but may finish his career with zero NCAA championships and zero Olympic medals because they were all taken away. Crazy.

Definitely one of the best of his time. Gay is still the American record holder in 100M and has the third fastest time in history.

Hope Gay gets another change…but time rolls on… I would say probably not. :frowning:

I don’t think there is any doubt his Olympic career is over. He’s 34 now, which is already old in terms of world class sprinting, and he seems to have lost a step since London. I can’t see him back at 38.

I thought that it was the other way around. They began the pass OUTSIDE of the zone and completed it within the zone.

Whichever way it was, I don’t think the appeal will be sustained.

I think you are right Marty. I believe they ruled that the pass was initiated before Gatlin entered the passing zone. Replays looked like Gatlin touched the baton before he entered the passing zone, but Rodgers didn’t release the baton until Gatlin was in the passing zone. I don’t know how the rule reads regarding the “pass”.

And a Tyson Gay fan so didn’t mean it like that ----- but as Matt said — time rolls on. Need to put your younger guys in there for experience if nothing else for 4 years from now. And we have always done that before. Maybe Bolt will be retired by then. Thinking that we were going to dominate like we once did might have been my problem ---- Not a lot of speedster 34 yr old wide receivers either. But just my opinion and maybe politics didn’t change the line up ----- I am sure I am wrong.