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I was wondering aloud today what will happen with men’s golf, a spring sport at Arkansas with a heavy amount of seniors in the starting lineup. I am told that William Buhl, Mason Overstreet and Tyson Reeder are going to come back next year. All three are seniors.

Another golf question…are golf courses open in the areas our HI family lives. Here in Chattanooga we know our former club The Champions Club is open. We drove by the other day and it was fairly busy. I’ve heard others are closed.

I’m told whether or not the Governor in the state plays golf determines if they are open. That’s what someone on PGA Tour radio said Monday. That may or may not be true. Many states have closed courses. Some have not. Seems be hard to get your clubs out of storage without being around people. I’d guess you don’t have to put them back in storage.

Or you can walk back there and get your clubs yourself. Our club is closed, but the course is open. My youngest has played, I haven’t, but our clubs and cart are in our garage.

Rice, that’s great. That is exciting for you guys. Enjoy the golf.

I will if it will quit raining every other day, lol. I don’t play when it’s cart path only, I’m never close to it! It will be interesting with those guys coming back, I know Wil Gipson redshirted this year because they had all of those SR’s, and they wanted to save a season. I guess he’ll just have to beat one of them out.

I don’t know how many amateur tournaments will be played this summer. Strange time for sports.

Public courses here in NV are closed, but private Clubs are permitted to make their own call. Our CC is open, and we have implemented a variety of social distancing measures:

  1. Front 9 for walkers, back 9 for private carts; then alternate each day. No pro shop carts.
  2. Pro Shop closed; online check-in; no starter.
  3. Cups have inserts, so ball can be retrieved without putting hand down in cup.
  4. Pin flags are not pulled.
  5. Pairings are optional. (My wife and I play as a twosome ONLY.)

Prior to moving to the condo we lived right off #16 at our club. We have our own golf cart so it was easy to call over get a tee time and play. Typically it was just me and the wife. That’s the only thing we miss about our old home. At this stage in our lives condo living is perfect.

Golf = sanity right now.

Clay, is Mason just not ready to turn professional? Tell us a little about him and his game, if you will.

I did see an article on Golf. com which went in depth statistically about driving and putting. On the tour today, overall driving skill is more important than putting skill in winning money. I am really going to miss the Masters. Hopefully, it will be played this fall.

Mason needs more consistency in his driving and more versatility in his iron play. He can only move irons right to left. Cannot get at right pins. Have to play middle and move to pins with spin and roll out. On Tour, everything is tucked left or right. No one can consistently fire at them. You must work it to the pins. He’s learning that now but not great. His putting is streaky and not as good as when he was freshmen. I’ll write more on Overstreet later.

Guess I just had a senior moment. Must have forgot this was a golf thread:

Question - Clay, is Mason just not ready to turn professional?

Clay’s answer - “Mason needs more consistency in his driving” sic “to the basket”

Then the “aha moment” in the completion of Clay’s answer - “and more versatility in his iron play.”

I was on the basketball board for a brief moment there as I pondered Mason Jones pro prospects. :grinning:

Mason Overstreet is the Razorback we are talking about. Crazy how just dealing with first names will get you in trouble. We have a daughter named Sarah. Her middle name is Jo. So we called her Sarah Jo as a little girl. School teachers dropped it almost immediately until the third grade when there were two other Sarahs in her class. She was Sarah Jo for that year, but that year only.

There were always other Sarahs playing soccer with her. But she knew my voice above everyone. I would yell Sarah Jo and she would tell me to stop using Jo after the game. She said I already know it’s you yelling my name. I know your voice. I’d rather everyone else not know you were yelling specifically at me. Kinda funny.

I guess when you are upset as a parent, you add in the middle name: Sarah Jo Henry, you get over here right now! Sarah works just fine, but Sarah Jo Henry expresses emphasis.

I’ll try to use Mason Overstreet and Mason Jones for a few days to make sure we are not confused.

In Austin the public courses are open but no cart rentals, or services of any kind and no flag stick in the hole. Walk on only from what I hear.

We had flags in but cups raised. I loved this, until they closed our Lindsey course, because it encourages you to hit hard enough to bump the cup. A high percentage of the time I hit short.

The clubs in the area are doing different things. I am on the board at Fayetteville CC, we closed the clubhouse and the golf shop two weeks ago. She have also shut down our fleet carts, so it’s private carts or walking.

We have parts of those foam pool noodles down in the cups so you putt with the flag in and it falls about an inch onto the foam, easy to pick it up without touching anything besides your ball.

Initially we also shut down our range but have decided to re-open it after putting some precautions in place. We’ve spread out the hitting areas and are running the balls through our washer that now has some bleach in it as well as soap and water. Periodically spraying the ball pyramids down with an alcohol solution.

We were the first club in the area to institute some of these things that we felt were necessary for safety. I still believe we are the only club in the area that are not making their carts available. Don’t think Springdale CC has made any changes from regular business.

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