Men's Golf team - Norman Regional Update

About one third of the way into round 1, the Arkansas Men’s Golf team is atop the leader board in Norman.

You can track their progress yourself here: … &tid=15134

Thank you for posting the link. I hope they finish well.

I doubt a regional at Mobilehoma would ever be considered “normal”. :stuck_out_tongue:

The early surprise is that our best golfer, Mason Overstreet, has scored the worst of our five golfers at this point (+2). That’s actually a very good sign, since you would expect him to surge toward the top at some point - allowing for one of our other golfers to slip and our team score not to suffer.

Hogs currently third at -3, three shots behind Auburn and one behind OU. And three shots ahead of T5 (top six after Wednesday advance to nationals). Wiliam Buhl is -3 after his front nine to lead the Hogs; he’s in second individually behind a Sooner. Alvaro Ortiz is -2 for the Hogs. Overstreet is back to +1, as is Luis Garza; Tyson Reeder is the non-counter at +3.

Swine, are you sure it is top 6? Tom Murphy article says it is top 5. Hope it is the 6.


Just remember, this is only round one (and the Hogs are now in second.)

The top five advance for the men; the top six for the women. That is because there are more regional sites for the men.

Makes sense. Right now we’re tied for third, but only one shot above fifth. Two full days to go though. We were in second in the women’s regional after the first day, wound up winning by 11. Buhl finished at -3 but everyone else is over par. Ortiz and Overstreet are still on the course.

Overstreet finishes with an eagle on 18, and we’re in second place at -1. In good shape after Day 1.

Too bad he doubled 14, so the eagle just evened that out. But second place is workable. Women were four shots back of the host after Day 1 as well.

Reeder remains the non-counter after finishing +4. Overstreet is even, Garza and Ortiz are +1 after Ortiz doubled 17. Maybe he can make that up on the par-5 18th as well.

Nope - he bogeyed 18 so we finished at even par, in a 3-way tie for second (pending the rest of the field finishing - San Diego State is just one back with a couple of holes to play)

Not a good day for our team so far today (Tuesday). About one half through today’s round, we’ve posted one of the worst scores of the day.

The good news is that we’re in a tie for 6th, just one stroke out of the top 5 that will advance. So, it’s still all right there in front of us, with 27 holes (give or take) to play.

We dipped back into the top 5 briefly, but generally we’ve been in reverse today while other teams are shooting under par. Now three shots out of that fifth spot. Ortiz is the only Hog under par for the day at -1. Overstreet made a snowman on the par-5 fifth, otherwise is even for the day. But the problem is we have to count Overstreet because Buhl is +4 today.

Once all the scores are posted from today’s round they will have an idea of what they have to post tomorrow to advance. Tough day for the hogs.

We’re finally finished at +5 (10th place) after a long delay for lightning, but some others aren’t. Right now we’re seven shots out of the fifth spot, which is held by BYU; the Cougars are still on the course and playing the front nine as their second nine.

The hogs will have to get hot tomorrow or it will be over! They have pulled it out before maybe they can again!