Men’s vs Women’s Basketball

I went to the Lady Razorbackgame last night. Unfortunately we lost (too many turnovers and lack of rebounding) however it was such a pleasant experience. A number of things I really liked.

  1. General admission seating. Sit where you want if you were there early enough. Plus they kept reminding people of this. Unlike the men’s game where are there are a couple of hundred in the upper decks when there is plenty of room for them downstairs.

  2. The players all shook hands before the game after the National anthem - nice touch.

  3. The first half took 40 minutes to play !!! I repeat 40 minutes. I am not sure why … possible 4 quarters vs 20 minute half’s. The time outs were minimal - it didn’t appear there were any automatic time outs. I think the first stoppage was at the 8 minute of the 10 minute quarter. The entire game was approximately an hour and a half. Amazing… The men,s games ar at least an hour longer.

  4. Although the referees missed some calls - they let them play. No fouls every time they came down the down the court.

I am going to get season tickets next year

You are probably going to get to see the best women’s team we have ever had in the near future as I believe in CMN that much. They play hard for him with desire and dedication, hes building a juggernaut with the Lady Razorbacks. Great to see the fan base interest growing! WPS

The ladies lost because TCU played their best game of the year, they have much greater size, and we made some mistakes near the end of game. Nevertheless, considering this is Mike Neighbors second year after taking over a team that didn’t win a game in the SEC and both our only 5 star players, transferred, the ladies have greatly exceeded expectation.

The ladies play and exciting style of basketball and help is on the way with the signing of a top 15 class and 5 star Amber Ramirez will be available next year after sitting out due to the transfer rule.

Winning generates interest. Therefore, in the near future, I expect our fan base and number of fans that attend games will double.