Men’s track

Is it true the men’s track team is just ranked 35th in the nation.? If true that is SAD how far our programs have fallen. The A D needs to look at this program also

Our coaches are fine. Coach Mac won so much they changed the rules for getting to the Nationals. At one time we got 30 points in a single event, but now you are limited to making the Nationals and there were three or four schools the rules were intended to hold back and it is one reason we cannot win so much as we used to, but the program is fine.

This is absolutely right… they legislated the Hogs strangle-hold on the top away. Rule changes and schedule conflicts, etc. They could not beat us on the field so they tied our hands in committee meetings.

Yes I know they legislated against Arkansas and Coach MAC. But we had to adjust and Insee no sign of that happening under Bucknam. In fact it appears the men are going backwards, Lance Harter seems to be doing a great job with the women.My suggestion for the men would be to bring Edrick Floréal home from Univ. of Texas,First year there but he has had great success at Stanford and Kentucky

Bucknam has won 19 SEC team titles in his 11 seasons as head coach. Not bad. He does have one national title and several appearances on the podium for NCAA trophies (and that’s 1-4). The track rankings are fluid this time of year and change rapidly as individual results are posted and points figured based off of times and marks. For instance, last week if the top marks were entered in a meet, the men’s team would have finished 13th. Most did not hit PRs in last week’s meet or didn’t compete and were passed. I do not think they would finish 35th in a meet if held today. But, that’s the snapshot you have to discuss today.

I figured that was the case and not some rule change.

That is certainly not what your original post said.

Different original poster… PJHawg vs pghawg1

Thanks, I am an idiot, blind, or both.

It sure would be nice to be in the Top 35 for football or basketball…

It was just two years ago that Arkansas won the John McDonnell Program of the Year Award, which is given by USTFCCCA and based on the best combined national finishes in cross country, and indoors and outdoors. It wins more team SEC championships than it loses despite there being some other great perennial programs like Texas A&M, Florida and LSU.

To hold Bucknam to the impossible standards of John McDonnell is to not understand the sport in its current state. No coach wins like that anymore. No program is ever going to dominate across the board again. Specialization has changed the sports. Teams load up their scholarships to be great in cross country or outdoors, and it typically pays off. Northern Arizona, for instance, has won three straight NCAA cross country championships by giving generous scholarship money to distance runners. Florida loads up on sprinters and has been first or second outdoors in nine of the past 10 years.

Few programs try to excel in all three sports. Arkansas is one of them.

We were in Top 35, in 3 out of last 4 years in basketball. That is not too difficult. Top 16 is the tough part.

AR’s track programs (Men & Women) is the one sport that doesn’t merit any criticism or worries of stability. End of season rankings are all that matter, not preseason.

At the end of the of the basketball season we may have been there once…

Atfter NCAAT, twice in those 4 years.

If you win a first round NCAAT game, you’re in the final 32. Which is less than the top 35.

We have won one game in the Tournament in the last three years (which I stated put us in the Top 35) and I included this year’s team (which doesn’t have a shot in hell of going to the Tournament) so that is one time in four years being in the Top 35… which is less than two and far less than three.

We won first round game in 2015 and 2017. I count that as 2, which is more than 1 and only one less than 3.

Your original wish was it would be nice to be in Top 35 in football and basketball.

You conveniently trimmed off that we also won a first round game in 2015, which makes two of the last four years. Which makes you wrong.

We stink at athletics right now…period…there is so much hope being put on the baseball team to lift the fan base right now it wouldn’t surprise me if they were bitten by the “we suck” snake. Interesting times on the Hill for sure. I know…women’s golf, softball, men’s golf, etc…just not the same but I am glad those teams are winning.