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Has a cost benefit analysis been completed lately if a Men’s Soccer program would generate a profit at UA? Considering the world popularity of soccer and the need to generate revenue at the UA. I would think it’s worth a review.
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I think it’s a Title IX issue. We don’t have room for additional Men’s scholarships.

Even our ultra successful and popular baseball program did not generate a profit last year.

No way soccer would.

Football and basketball are the only profitable sports anywhere in college

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UA could add a women’s sport and soccer should be less expensive than baseball.
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Men’s soccer would be expensive. And so would the women’s sport you’d have to add. I do not think there are many folks clamoring for men’s soccer. I hear this come up by one person every 15 years. One.


Our baseball program doesn’t generate a profit? Do we need to add more seats?

Soccer is just not popular in the US, and I’m not sure it ever will be. Personally, it bores me to tears. I only slightly follow the women’s team because they have a Hog on their uniforms and they have seemed to be semi-successful. The chance for me to follow a men’s team is less than zero.

Probably more eyeballs. College baseball still isn’t as popular as it should be.

There have been years where it was profitable.
But on the report that came out this past week about record level of income, it showed the baseball program in the red.

Soccer is far more popular in the US than you think Jeremy. Some of these MLS franchises have built state of the art stadiums and are filling them up. St. Louis. Is escstatic about their new franchise and stadium. The Atlanta franchise packs huge crowds into MB stadium. The problem with men’s college soccer, is that it is a Fall sport, competing with something called football. Doesn’t sound viable at all, except as a club sport.

I keep saying when I win Powerball (?) I’m going to call Hunter and tell him I’m endowing men’s soccer and whatever women’s sport is needed to satisfy Title IX and dare him to turn it down.

My guess is rowing or equestrian for the women’s sport.

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How about bowling? It only costs a ball and a pack of cigarettes.

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I don’t think Nike makes bowling shoes. Just kidding.

The following schools disagree:
North Carolina
Coastal Carolina
East Tennessee State
Houston Baptist
Missouri State
Michigan State
NC State
Ohio State
Saint Louis
South Carolina

And that’s just a partial list of men’s D1 soccer programs. You will notice two SEC schools on the list, although the SEC does not sponsor men’s soccer; I believe they compete in other leagues.

Oh I’m well aware that there is an NCAA men’s college soccer championship. I have been to SLU Billy Ken matches. Attendence is sparse though, and I doubt that any.of these programs operate in the green. American soccer is gaining in popularity. No doubt about it. It is just light years behind college football in the South, and probably always will be.

Point is, it’s viable enough for all those schools to sponsor it, some that have bigtime football like Clemson and Michigan, some that have no football like SLU. Nobody is expecting it to make money. Nobody expects our track team to make money either. And men’s soccer is only 9.9 scholarships.

So that sort of answers Guy’s OP. If they add soccer it won’t be because of a benefit analysis. It could happen due to an SEC mandate; I’m pretty sure we had to beef up our women’s sports when we joined the SEC, adding things like soccer and softball. IIRC gymnastics was the last addition in 2003. I doubt the SEC would ask schools to add more sports at this point, particularly for men, but it’s possible.

As for those women’s sports, rowing has 20 scholies, equestrian has 15. Equestrian is an official SEC sport, so for that reason I’d lean toward that. I think UA already has a suitable facility at Agri Park. Future SEC member Texass has rowing (and won the natty in it this year); so do Bama and Tennessee, and there are regional programs at Ok City U, SMU, and Tulsa. They could probably do rowing at Lake Fayetteville.

By the way, the only sport we’ve dropped to my knowledge is men’s swimming/diving. Which also has 9.9 scholarships. And we have a very nice pool that we built right before we dropped men’s swimming (women’s team is still there). Maybe they would renew that sport first before soccer or anything else if they decided to add a men’s sport.

Frankly, the most likely reason for us to add any sport for either gender would be a Title IX lawsuit by either an individual or the feds, and if that happens a new women’s sport is the likely result. Since I’m not likely to win Powerball…

Point taken. It just doesn’t appeal to me.

You’d need some pretty cool bowling shirts too. Not to mention a quality bowling alley. Been awhile since I’ve been in the Ozark Lanes and greasy spoon diner. Is it up to NCAA snuff?

Not trying to be argumentative here. Just brain storming with y’all. Could the Men’s Soccer team play at RRS? And could the soccer facilities (locker rooms, etc…) be built inside RRS under the stands?
If yes, how would soccer be too expensive?
The Men’s BB team has a staff of approximately 32 people supporting 13 scholarship players. I imagine there is room for a soccer staff not as large or expensive as the BB team.
I think with a good coach the popularity would rapidly build in NWA. I just see a huge win- win here being on the ground floor with a Men’s Soccer team. So much available talent and so few SEC teams. UA could quickly become a national power.
UA…Campus of Champions

We have a soccer stadium already. It would need a men’s dressing facility, but HY is already talking about some stuff on the east side so that could be incorporated into the east side structure. I can’t think of any school with both men’s and women’s soccer that they don’t both use the same field. UNC, for instance; I checked out Dorrance Field when we were in Chapel Hill for the baseball super in June.

I don’t think the field surface in RRS is big enough for optimal soccer. Although there’s some wiggle room in the rules, you want to have 120 by 75 yards, plus enough room in the corners to run a few steps to take a corner kick, basically a 130 by 85 space. I don’t think that RRS meets that.

The main costs would be scholarships and people – coaches, training staff, etc. Colby is making $265K. And of course there’s travel costs; the regular season is 16 games, and at least half of your conference games and a couple of NC games would be roadies.

Soccer field-related trivia: Most high school and a lot of college tracks are built with 100-meter straights and 100-meter curves. But the official IAAF track design does not have that. It has 84.4 meter straights and 115.6 meter curves; I believe McDonnell Track is built like that. Why? Because that layout leaves enough room on the infield for a 110 x 68 meter soccer field, which equates to 120 x 75 as I mentioned above. If you tried to put a 120x75 soccer pitch inside a track with 100 meter straights, the corner flags would literally be on the track.

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