Men basketballers stand

I’m glad they did need no controversy just a good season.

Proud of them!

Keep it that way. There is a free speech forum–out of school uniform and in individual choice clothing–for individual students on campus to express their views on Monday night in Gearhardt Hall. Whatever is expressed in that forum will likely not cause as much campus, fan, and state division and may actually lead to better understanding and unity. While in uniform, on scholarship and representing a state university, stand for the National Anthem and the alma mater. That’s a choice to be part of a team pulling in one direction…the same direction. With the freedom to step out of “team” and express a distracting viewpoint comes the responsibility to accept the overwhelming backlash of Hog fans, women’s sports supporters, donors and alumni who have a much different viewpoint and don’t care to pay to see your political views expressed during an athletic forum versus during a FREE free speech forum. The girls were misguided and disrespectful and should at a minimum apologize to veterans and choose a different forum to protest (perhaps a ride along with police on a Saturday night in South Chicago would be educational).

Interesting I wonder how you would feel if the shoe was on the other foot. If it was your child or brother perhaps a uncle or even your father…

I would hope for a good season and no controversy