Men and women sweep SEC Outdoors

just saw on the SEC Network that both the men and women track teams swept the outdoor titles…Go Hogs…Fayetteville…the real titletown!


UA…Campus of Champions

That is just so very special. It was a total blowout for the men and nearly so for the ladies.

I was doing updates on the Britton Wilson thread, the track meet being more watchable than the baseball game. Wilson could have skipped the meet entirely and the women still win, and we set at least two all-time collegiate records (Wilson in the flat 400 and Jaydon Hibbert in the triple jump).

LOVE the dominance by both teams!!!

Hibbert is just 18, so it is a Junior World Record.

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Watch Britton smoke the field in 400M

This guy was our big surprise winner. A decathlete winning an individual event at a major event is rare. This is Jackie Joyner-Kersee stuff.

Super athlete.

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Very nice interview of Britton.

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Interview of Triple Jump sensation Hibbert

The track program is just flat out unbelievable!!! That is the one sport that nobody wants no part of the Hogs!!

I have to admit I really don’t pay much attention to it,it’s kind of not my thing but you cannot deny the Greatness of our track program!! They are only totally different level… Congratulations guys on yet another championship!!

It struck me watching the track meet on Saturday night how many of our top people transferred from Tennessee. That’s got to be bugging the Mustard track people. Of course when they had those people they couldn’t win the SEC either.

Conference championships is a volume thing. Points gained in 3rd thru 8th places wins championships. Hogs always had volume that won championships without winning more than a few individual events. But this time with those quality transfers, Hogs won a lot of individual events and margin became lopsided. BTW, Britton is a Tennessee transfer too.

Another conclusion I had is that Tennessee must have a good pipeline to Jamaica,

Britton gave coach Johnson an amazing tribute for her improvement this season. She’s a really good interview with quick responses and a great smile.

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Yep I knew that.