Men among boys up front..Buttkicking 101

bigtime reality checck lat night…TAMU just flat out kicked our butt on the LOS…we couldnt even move them 90% of thetime and thye were running through us like water through a strainer despite us having plenty of rest…embarrrasing to see them run untouched in the EZ tiem and time again.

Yeah. Even at 17/17 at halftime I thought “This can’t last unless we figure out how to block somebody”, and we never did…the 4 runs and failing to score after moving 95 yards in the third was a morale killer! All on the coaches… :frowning:

Sure the coaches had some bad moments but it comes back to talent differential. The SEC WEST has gotten extremely tough after Saban raised the bar, Ole Miss started buying players, A&M took recruiting advantage of being SEC in Texas and it has shown by how much AU has struggled.

I’ve been a Razorback fan for 60 years. I’ve been mad, and I’ve been horribly disappointed. Last night was the first time I’ve ever been ashamed and embarrassed. This O-line is not only weak, they are PATHETIC! Three goal line stands against “O-line U”? Are you kidding?

Red zone failures inside the 5 no doubt are inexcusable

If you’re determined to play this type of football you better be able to execute when it counts

Losing the game was not unexpected by many but BB has some work to do

There have been four failures at the 2-yard line this year. One against TCU, three against the Aggies. Need more strength and know-how at offensive guard. Denver Kirkland was really missed last night. I say that because he should have come back for this season. They need strength at right guard. Raulerson is light for that position. He may be 300, but barely. Jalen Merrick is a big man and might get a shot there.

I keep waiting for this big advantage Arkansas is going to gain by aTm joining the SEC. Wonder we can expect it?