Memphis water

From I can gather, there was a water main break in downtown Memphis a few days ago and it is affecting hotels in that area. The media hotel, the DoubleTree downtown, is no longer allowing people to check in. I’ve rebooked some of our crew in Southaven.

If you are traveling to Memphis, you might call ahead to see if this is impacting your hotel. Also, bring some water bottles.

From all time low water levels in the Mississippi to too much water in the Hotels…what a strange year.

Is that also affecting the Peabody? I think the Hogs are staying there.

Memphis is such a crappy town. There is nothing about it I like. Even the BBQ in Memphis is lackluster. I think the fact that the Liberty Bowl is in Memphis adds to my disappointment to this season.

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Our photographer was apparently able to check in to the media hotel. Not too long ago, a fire alarm was going off for 10-15 minutes. The front desk said there was no concern. Crazy day.

has also happened in downtown Nashville near Bridgestone arena, about 4 hours into repair but weather impacting replacement near stuck on a truck not able to get up a hill to repair site. Just weird. O. Airline approval rating is taking a huge hit. One more win and no Memphis needed.

Alyssa Orange and the Pig Trail Nation crew were at the media hotel, and the fire alarm went off just before her live report from Memphis started and continued throughout. I couldn’t hear the alarm much through the TV, but the noise was bothering her enough that she decided to end it early. And perhaps made sure she didn’t need to get out of there.

We’ve stayed at the Peabody several times over the years. On two different occasions the fire alarm went off the middle of the night. We had to evacuate the hotel in one of those instances at 2:00 am. Thankfully it was summer. We never knew why the alarm went off.

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