Memphis vs. UCF

Watching this game, something has dawned on me.

Clearly, most fans younger than me (I’m 55) simply want lots of scoring. Even if their team loses…if they score lots of points…its more palatable. At least it seems that way to me.

Maybe its the generation that grew up playing Madden etc. But I don’t enjoy a game where teams just score almost every possession especially more than games where no one scores.

This particular game may be super exciting to many…but to me its almost like watching two great servers playing tennis. You assume they are gonna hold serve…and are actually watching to see who makes a mistake and gets broken.

Anyway…just an observations.

These offenses are great. I would be fine with Norvell’s offense on the field for the Hogs.

The defense…not so much.

Being talked about alot in another thread. I agree on the Def, Off looks great. I said with Norvell, we’ll save a ton of money, enough to pay Def Cord and great recruiters great money. If its Gus he takes all the cash

Remember… CLEMSON WAS AN OFFENSIVE TEAM with sustained success before they were able to recruit the elite defensive players needed to go to the next level. That’s what’s going to have to happen at UofA. A brand of football that kids want to play for… hire good defensive assistants and develop your program. Our defense will not be strong for a while whoever the coach is.

Something that dawned on me, is Memphis has a bend but don’t break defensive philosophy and a suspect kicker. That sounds very familiar to me, but I don’t know why, :roll:

They’re playing a team that spanked Maryland by 28 on the road. Playing in a championship game on UCF’s home field in overtime. Memphis football has been a perennial dumpster fire for decades. UCF or Memphis would have beaten us badly this year.

Or just hire Venables.

Venables may be a good option… BUT HE’s got as much talent on his defense as anybody in the country. How good would he be with our talent? Can he recruit that type of defensive talent? Would his offense attract the type of talent that gives you a chance to win and be competitive? Another words build a brand that kids want to play for… No guarantees with anyone. My preference is someone that can establish an offensive identity that attracts skill players. Hire top notch defensive coordinator to build & develop players. Petrino could have done that if he’d spent more time recruiting and less time… well you know!!