Memphis transfer Emoni Bates

Schools will probably approach with caution on Bates.

Looks like Arkansas made his top 13 schools or whatever

What do you think?

I feel like any coach interaction/involvement with an ex-Penny player should be "Approach With Caution."

He’s a player with a really high ceiling. He was playing as a 17 year old at Memphis, after re-classifying from the 2022 class, where he was the number 1 ranked recruit. He’s recently turned 18.
He has a ton of talent and potential. He was also injured for the last half of last season. He played in only 18 games. He returned at tourney time, but didn’t appear that he was really physically ready. I don’t know what his injury was.

If he was a problem at Memphis, I haven’t heard or read anything about it. I would assume he’s in the portal because the other guy he reclassified to play with, Duren, appears to be heading to the NBA. I’d guess he’s looking for a team likely to make a big run in the NCAA tournament.

I have mixed emotions about Bates. He’s a terrific talent, but unless JWill is leaving, I don’t know that he brings any more to the table than Brazile. I don’t know if he would have any interest in Arkansas. It seems that Michigan may be in the driver’s seat, since he’s from Michigan.

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Senor Davenport do you think this might be one to watch as wild as that seems?

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