Memphis Tigers

Watched the tigers play some tonight on TV. Sure am glad we aren’t playing them for one of our “rent-a-win” games this year. They might have rent us out pretty good. Sure hope we emerge victorious against NTSU.

they are light yrs ahead of us offensively,they actually do play up tempo full tilt boogie! they have a brand new QB and they never skip a beat just pick up right where they left off…frustrating to watch…maybe one day we can look remotely close to that.

Well, the rest of the team apart from the QB has been in this system for several years now which has to help.

That said, they are indeed fun to watch and Norvell is a brilliant young offensive mind.

Didn’t work too well against Navy last week…

Georgia State is terrible. Probably not much better than the Eastern Illini. Its a sad state of affairs and a testament to the recruiting ineptitude of our previous coach that we are envious of a program like Tiger High. We could have had Mike Norvell.Time will tell if we hired the right coach.
Other than last week’s game, I’ve been impressed by our new guy. I suspect in a couple of years, Norvell will have moved on from Memphis and the Tiger High Envy will be gone. This is just a blip in time that must be endured.

you can’t deny that offense is lethal an they have taught a brand new QB how to do it very quickly…
The only reason it didn’t appear like it showed up aginast Navy is they never had the ball (only 17 min still 21 pts and almost 400 yds)near as much b/c navy grounds and pounds you and keeps the ball away from them.
We have our QB in Noland IMO and highly recruited WR’s coming in so we will have everything you need so I am willling to to give CCM time to get his weapons and then I expect us to go uptempo full tilt boogie!

I don’t know that someone will hire Norvell. If there are reasons he could not move last year, they probably get to keep him. Those reasons will not change.


Tigers, I don’t like any team with that affiliation.

I wonder if Norvell has a motorcycle? :lol:

Wow. I know not what you gentlemen are referring to, but I’m guessing he must have more dirty laundry than an 18 year old male college student. There are schools in power conferences that would not let a little thing like that stop them from hiring the guy however.