Memphis/Norvell are very impressive!

Playing essentially an away game are leading A VERY good UCF Team. Norvell’s offense is built on spread power running, and very efficient passing. Well coached team. I’d hire that guy in a heartbeat!! Give him the resources to hire top notch Defensive assistants… He could do very well in SEC.

2nd that!

The defense is what worries me. Do you think the money saved between Norvell and Gus could get a “big time” DC?

Thinking there should be ALOT of savings there to spend

I just looked at PPG, obviously Norvell has the scoring offense, but Troy’s defense is the only non P5 in the Top 10 in PPG allowed. Maybe get Norvell and his offense, and offer Koenning (sp?) (the DC at Troy) and maybe that’ll be the answer.

Ucf has the #1 scoring Offense.

You’re correct, I had to look again, Memphis is #2, Troy is #10 defense gave both of them a bump by one

I want the guy that wants to be here!

Hopefully the ONE that wants to be here will be announced today…