Memphis newspaper

…is reporting active negotiation between Univ. of Memphis and Coach Mike Norvell on a contract extension.

Memphis has about as much a chance of keeping Norvel as we have to hire Saban. He is a HOT commodity.

Until it says “signed” a new contract, I won’t care about this. They can negotiate all they want. Means very little.

all that’s happening is “driving up the price”.

Could mean his agent (Jimmy Sexton) has informed him the UA job belongs to Gus.

I give the Gus thing a 10% chance of happening. Sexton being Sexton, and Gus being Gus. Y’all don’t get your hopes up for Gus. And I’m fine with it. We don’t need to give Gus a job just because he wants to come home.

I think there is a lot more to it than that. The same big money boosters that forced HDN to take him as OC, are the ones pushing (and paying) for him to get the Head Coach job now. That same group was angry with JL that he did not offer the job to Gus when CBB was hired. They see now as the time to make that happen and must be making the deal and assuring the BOT that they have him.

Well it will be the same group in 3 to 5 years wanting to fire him.

Just seen that but I think that might me a plea by Memphis to scare people away , I don’t think Norvell would mess himself up like that, unless he’s happy where he is …

I think that’s something no one has considered. What if he is indeed happy where he’s at?

Nobody is happy in Memphis. It’s Memphis. :lol: