Memphis Big Moussa Cisse stays in transfer portal

Would you rather have him or Obanor?

Whoever is first to say I want to be a Razorback.

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Tough call. Obanor’s definitely a better all around player right now. Cisse just finished his freshman year and was a 5-star recruit and projected to be a first rounder. He was an excellent rim defender and shot blocker, but limited offensively.

For this coming season only I’d take Obanor based on where their games are right now. However, Cisse probably has a much higher ceiling. He might make great strides his soph year?

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Moussa may have a higher ceiling I don’t know, but I’d prefer Obanor as he seems to fit the positionless group that Muss is putting together a lot better than Moussa.

Tho if we got Moussa, its always nice having that rim protector that can play around the basket.


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