Memphis at Arkansas


Marty it looks like Franklin has earned the playing time in LF! I wonder who will step up and earn the DH spot!

He is quite the player. I’ve heard several say that DVH is pleased with him.

Ezell has also been very impressive. During the Star of the Game interview post-game today, Kenley talked about what a great hitter Ezell is.

Ezell is a grinder. At the plate for sure but what impressed me today was how he handled the one hop throw from Martin! That’s a big improvement over just a few games.
Kenley has shown he can hit and he always uses the leather.
What position does Washington play?

Washington is listed as INF/OF. Today he took over at 3B when they moved Nesbit to 2B.

He has speed! The hogs are really good at stealing bases.
After getting a look at the young lefties today on the mound they will be good in due time! Those handlers fly a long way.
Wicklander made that one mistake and he paid for it. But he bounced back.
DVH has put a lot of work into recruiting these players. Once they gain some experience on conference play we will know where the season is headed.

good to see our Fr.pitchers go out on a bitter cold day and throw the ball well…

It sure is nice to see that many lefties get on the mound. They can sure help in conference play. They need to gain experience.