Probably not the place for this so if a mod wants to move it, then ok. My Mom passed away Jan. 15 of 2016 and we are just now getting around to sorting out most of her things. She was a never say die Hog Basketball fan starting before Eddie Suttion…A couple of the things she saved: 1994 edition of Sports Ill. with the Hogs on the cover, 1994 collectors edition of SI, a 1994 issue of Hawgs Illustrated. a whole box of clippings of the Hogs BB from Eddie Sutton’s time. A book on Sidney Moncrieff written by Myra McLarey (cousin of ours). Hard to go through a BB season without her.

Sorry for your loss labb and sorry for Arkansas’ loss of a great fan.

So sorry for your loss. I haven’t had to go through that yet (thank God). Again, so sorry.

Sorry for your loss. Sounds like she was a good person and definitely knew about her hogs.

So sorry for your loss Labb.
May God Bless You & Family.
We now have another Hog Fan in Heaven.

My thoughts and prayers with you.

Beautiful memory there. It will surely live on a long time.

Sorry labb. My grandpa, who was like my dad, died in July. He had been sick forever and survived many scares, so we thought it was just another one. It wasn’t. And, I hate myself for letting the end sneak up on me.

There isn’t a day (or maybe an hour) that goes by that I don’t wish I could go over and hear him tell me how awful our Hogs or St. Louis Cardinals are or how my politics are all wrong. He always thought Pujols was vastly overrated and I until he left I thought he was the best thing ever–turns out we were both kinda right. I’m sitting here laughing and crying about it.

Those memories hurt and warm the heart at the same time. I feel your pain and joy (of memory of those wonderful times). Hang in there.

Sorry for your loss.

One of the best things about this site is posts like yours. Thanks for sharing and God bless.

My Mom passed in 97. One of the last things she got me was this dumb little propane grill. I still have it somewhere.

Enjoy those memories. They hurt but they are so important for remembering 20 years later.

Ill pray for you and your family.