Memorial Day today, let us remember

Let us remember to give thanks to those soldiers who gave their lives for this country.

I am no hero and no veteran, but I do want to thank all those who gave their lives for our country. That is truly the ultimate sacrifice. God Bless You All.


Well said and I second it!


Corporal Jim Bob Daniel, KIA in Germany, April 1945, and many, many more.

Every American should visit the American Cemetery at Omaha Beach. Freedom is far, far from free!


Amen to what has been said. Freedom has never been free. Brutes, psychopaths, “blood” rulers and organized gangsters have subjugated and robbed and and raped as they wished throughout the length of human history.

LtCol Guy L Leopard, USAF. Proudly served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam wars as a pilot, bombardier and navigator. Served in the USAF at the start of the Minuteman missile program. Buried at his hometown’s Little Rock National Cemetery in 1989. Graduate of Central HS and the UA. Loved his Country, State and Razorbacks.

UA…Campus of Champions



Amen to all that is stated here.
Thanks to the sacrifices of those brave men & women we are able to enjoy our lives and our sports. Everything else we love to do in a free world.


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