Melvin Watkins

Is Chris showing the same height as during the summer ball?

Looks like Mike Anderson was at Sylvan Hills as well as this game.

On the height question, yes.

His brother who’s an assistant at the school is saying Chris is 6-7 now.

Could be the case, but I don’t think that’s true. That’s my hometown area, and I have acquaintances around him quite a bit. Told me no difference a few weeks ago, which is either 6’5 or 6’6 depending on who you talk to and the whole shoes, no shoes thing. I sure hope he grows; already a great player…could be dominant with a couple more inches.

Understand. Just passing along.

Sometimes it’s hard to gauge if a kid has grown or not. An inch usually doesn’t stand out.

I love Chris Moore as an inside force that can score, as well as clear the boards. The prospect that we are in the process of losing is DaVonta Davis. I’ve watched this young man for the past 6 years and he is the next Fox of Kentucky (6’4 left handed 1 position guard). The staff can place him on the prospect list but that won’t get it done. There has been no official visit invitation and few, if any, appearances at his ballgames in Jacksonville. The Oklahoma State staff has him as a priority and has made an effective effort to assure him of their interest through contacts and game appearances. If we lose this young man, I have to question the staff’s evaluation of talent and their lack of effectiveness in recruiting.

I think you are right that Davis is not their top priority. I believe they like Moses Moody, Bryce Thompson and Matthew Murrel more.

They have officially just one scholarship open for 2020. There are so many good to must get players in that class and even though they will probably sign more than one, they can’t sign them all. Those who like Mike, will understand why certain players are not Arkansas. For those who don’t like Mike, for three to four years they are going to have plenty of criticisms of why Mike did not sign this one or that one. It will be Isaac McBride situation multiplied several times.

But I don’t agre that they are not paying attention to Davis. They have been watching Davis and Doakes quite a bit and Davis has been to Razorback games several times.

There’s major difference in “visit” and “official visit”… I think Moody’s decision to leave the state for his final year of high school ball speaks volumes on his interest in accepting an offer from a more elite program.