Melvin Watkins watched Javon Franklin

and Holmes Community College defeat Arkansas Baptist College 97-78 tonight at Dunbar Recreation center in LR.

Like Dudley said, Arkansas doesn’t have a scholarship for the 19 class and Justice Hill will get the first spot, but if Javon ever gets a chance to be a Hog it’s done deal. Not breaking any news because he would’ve been a Razorback if he was qualified out of high school.

Both of these young men would wear the Razorback uniform with pride and they can both play!
Is Daryl Macon father a veteran?

That’s his grandfather. I believe he is.

I know it’s a year (really two) away, but do we have a “practice body” on the team. Like Doobie a few years back?

No. There is not one scholarship underclassman on this team that they consider a “practice body.”

Watched Darius Hall’s team play Javon’s and Javon was the more impressive player. As good as Hall has looked, I can’t wait for them to add Javon to the team. He may not have the wing span of Darius but he is the better athlete and leaper. JMVVVVHO

Wouldn’t disagree.

Franklin is a freak. He may be the best in-state player in that class and he could not be a better fit for our system.

I bet they find a way to make it happen, eventually.

Yea, you have to make room for him. He’s going to dominate JUCO the next 2 years, he’s going to be the most athletic guy on the court every single game. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a top 5 JUCO guy coming out next year.

Also, The thing I like about him, is he’s been working on his ball handling and shooting, we can put him at both the 3 and 4. And I have to wonder if we only end up with 1 scholarship to work with for 2019, do we go with Hill or Franklin? I know chances are in 2 years we’ll have more than that, but you never know, we don’t really have any “practice players” this year. Gabe O is probably the lowest man that’s on scholarship and he’s looked really good early in the season. And it’s hard to see the 3 in-state guys for 2018 transfer out after 1 year, and Phillips, Embery, and Chaney all look like perfect fits that should contribute their first year. It’s going to be interesting to see how things play out.

Talking about one scholarship two years out, I have feeling it will work itself out.

Me too

Again, it will take two to come open because there are none right now

As much as I would like for him to stay, you might have an opening if Gafford leaves.