Melvin Watkins and TJ Cleveland

Arkansas saw Oklahoma Run PWP and 2020 guard Bryce Thompson this morning vs. Team Rio, who features top 10 prospects Scottie Lewis and Bryan Antoine

Thompson scored 27 in the loss. He had 24 in an earlier win and is averaging 21.7 through 3 games.

Rod Thompson, Bryce’s dad, spoke at our church this morning and mentioned that he had to miss his sons final game today to speak at our church. Rod gave a fantastic talk which focused a lot on the high school seniors at our church. If Bryce is anything like his dad he’s a great person in adddition to being a great B.B. player.

What church was this?

First Methodist in downtown Tulsa. Rod has run a basketball program at our church for 18 years. He spoke quite a bit about that too. He uses it to not only Teach basketball but it sounds like he mentors lots of kids. I was really impressed with his talk this morning.

Only spoken to him once and he was impressive over the phone.

Interview with Bryce. … ferrer_id=