Melvin, T.J.. and Scotty

Knowing that their time is short, why would they stick around and try to hold what we have left together until another coach is hired.

Probably because they need/want their paycheck. None make near the $$ Mike made. Plus (TJ and Scotty) will be looking for another assistant job. They don’t need to walk out now (would not look good to future employers).

But they really can’t do much of substance prior to the new guy arriving.

Trust me…Scotty does not need to go find another asst coaching job.

He may not be on the next staff but, if he wants, he will have a job at the school.

Having a job as a coach in college sports comes with big pros and big cons. If you win, you have job security for awhile. If you don’t win consistently, then you at least know this is the crazy profession you got into.

They also genuinely care for the players. They will continue to support them as long as they can.


They also genuinely care for the players. They will continue to support them as long as they can.


“This” My thoughts and I think it is so.

Scotty is also married to a doctor. I would expect he may very well get the Barry Lunney Jr treatment with the next coach.

It would be a smart move by the new coach to add Scotty to his staff. I would think that Scotty would be a great recruiter and he would also serve as a bridge to our excellence in the late 70’s to late 90’s. A smart coach will emulate what Chad Morris has done with inviting ex players and coaches back to the program. Arkansas has a rich basketball history and it should be used as an asset to help rebuild the program.

Good luck to the new coach. All Razorback fans should support the new coach regardless of which side of the Anderson firing they were on. The unique thing about the Razorbacks has always been their strong state wide support .That is still very important. WPS

You get it, That is the reason besides of course paycheck.

You were not happy with our recruiting, Scotty has been our #1 recruiter for the past several years. Why are you giving him a pass?

People are not always consistent. Regardless, even before he is hired, some people want to tell the new coach what to and who to hire. However, I doubt that will have any influence on the new coach.


I would assume they’re still under contract… Don’t know when it would expire but I would assume at least through June 30 state fiscal year