Melvin McBride

Read on another board that Tennessee doesn’t have room so he’ll pick us next week, grain of salt and all that jazz since it’s the internet.

I’ve said all I will for now.

Mostly likely McBride will be an academic redshirt. Anyone with a GPA below 2.3 must redshirt due to NCAA rules.

Lol, that’s throwing something on the wall and seeing if it sticks.

OK, you tell me why Arkansas back off, not the young man.

The same reason Tennessee has, it’s not character or grades. You have to read between the lines of RD and the other recruiting analysts. They’re all saying the same thing, mostly that they aren’t at liberty to talk about it.

I re-read all of RD’s post, no where did he state that it can’t be some sort academics.

I also said “others”, go read theirs.

I felt good two days ago before I left for the funeral.

I haven’t talked to Melvin or Richard so I don’t know what has changed.

I’ll catch up on Wednesday, but Richard doesn’t usually hint strongly unless he’s got a good reason.

Must’ve had room after all.