Melvin McBride

RD/DD, how do you feel about Melvin McBride? And when is he planning on making a decision?

Good. He plans to visit soon. He’s consistently excited about Arkansas and always mentions visiting.

I feel good about him as well.

what about Tim Anderson?

Same. He’s visiting for Bama game.

Will they land both? Can’t say that for sure.

He said he’s announcing his decision. Doubt it’s good news for Arkansas.

It’s Tennessee

This staff appears to be doing a great job of recruiting everywhere except the OL. May end up being something that CM has to address at the end of the season.

There’s more to this than meets the eye. I wish Melvin the best. Great kid.

There always is when they don’t choose Arkansas…

I do not make a post like that for no reason.

I don’t know what may or may not be happening with other schools getting commitments from players. Until there is proof they are cheating, I just assume they are doing a good job of recruiting. When we lose a kid to another school, as far as I’m concerned, we just got out recruited for the kid. The kids that we get, we outrecruited the other schools that offered. We seem to be holding our own everywhere except for the OL. It is puzzling how we can do so well gaining quality commitments at most of the other positions but are coming up short in comparison on the OL.

And 24hrs ago both you and Dudley “felt good”, correct?

They have two very good quality OL. They will add two more. I don’t see the panic.

Melvin will announce next week. When he does this will not because of anything Arkansas did or did not do. Time will reveal.

Felt good does not equal they’re coming. I usually hint more strongly than just good if I believe they’re coming.

Plus more things come to light. That’s why I’m saying what I am in other posts.

Just to make sure I’m reading this right: You are not expecting him to call the Hogs, right?

I didn’t say y’all said he was coming, but now it’s “good luck wherever you go”. The light must have come on today.

This one hurts.

He has about 8 Crystal Balll picks for him to Arkansas this morning so you might wanna step back from the ledge and wait to see what happens

Richard…not sure if you can say but is this an undisclosed medical condition that may keep him from playing his senior year?? Also, because of that, did we back off and offer Latham? Thanks man!