Melvin Bradley’s

17 year son was murdered a few days ago according to a report. It happened in Hughes, AR but I don’t know any other details.

Most will remember Melvin as the anchor for some outstanding Razorback defenses in the late 90’s. He played in the NFL and in Canada. He now lives in Springdale.

:cry: :cry:

How awful. What a horrible thing for a parent to suffer. Losing a child is bad enough, but to lose one to murder must be excruciating.

Hughes is such a quiet little town. I’m surprised such a thing happened there. Prayers for Melvin & his family.

Prayers for Melvin and Family.

Horrific loss. Prayers for Melvin and family. Staggering

From what I understand, drugs, crime, gangs and violence have just taken over the delta on both sides of the river. Really sad. I drove through Hughes for the first time in years 3 weeks ago. I saw that the football field is now named for Gus, but I don’t think the Hughes Blue Devils are able to field a team anymore.

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