Mel Kiper mock 1st round

Linebacker sized Deebo Samuel is a pretty good comparison

I have a feeling Assembly of God preachers would take offense to that statement. :grinning:

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It was true Clay in his early years. I think when ESPN exploded and they made huge productions out of the draft then they forgave his past. I’m not saying he does it now. I’m just saying when he lost his credibility with me, I never gave it back.

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Tough life :joy::joy::joy:. Coming from a Steelers fan :sunglasses:

Long suffering Browns fan

Yeah y’all have definitely had our number for sure… I started liking the browns when I was a kid because they were always so good and I wanted to root for a team that was winning. We’ve had some really brutal years over the last 5 years but I see us getting better even though this year didn’t go our way. We were brutalized with injuries but is what it is… I’m not one that quits on my team though so I’ll keep rooting for them LOL.


I dunno, Billy. Baker is really good in those commercials. Maybe he should stick to acting, lol. Sorry, bud…just mashing your taters.

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Yeah tough yr for Baker but you got to give him props for playing with a torn labrum and a broke bone in his left arm ever since week two…He only had his starting OL together for three games all year that didn’t help…I’m used to people taking shots at the Brown’s no big deal.

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There will be a lot of coaches/GM’s that pass on Burks in the draft will end up regretting the decision…

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