Megan just booked

a trip to Zurich for next spring. Pretty excited. Never been to Europe.

She’s been several times.

You’ll love it. Take the train places and see different cities.

She’s already in the planning stages. lol

I spent about three weeks in Zurich in 1987. The Alps are the most beautiful mountains I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous scenery in Switzerland.

Since you will be in Zurich, hope you can get down to Geneva for a day. A gorgeous city.

Great Trip! I went there for a week about 5 years back, if you have a chance to go to Lauterbrunnen, it was amazing, waterfalls everywhere and most stunning scenery you will ever see. Have fun planning and the trip itself!

Thanks. Some of the pics are amazing.

Just hope the beer scene is good and I’m not talking about Bud Lite.

Lucerne is quite close to Zurich (about an hour by train). You ought to go there for at least a day.

Lived in Germany for ten years. Had an opportunity to travel extensively while there. If you can make it, Barcelona is beautiful, especially if you have an interest in architecture. The area around Interlaken, Switzerland (Eiger, Jüngfrau) is spectacular). Paris is, of course, must see, but the Loire valley has fantastic castles and wonderful scenery. An off the beaten track gem a few miles northeast of Frankfurt is Büdingen, my home for nearly five years. The town center still is surrounded by sixteenth century walls and has the castle inside. Very nice. Enjoy.

Listen, Mr. crafty beer snob, you do you and I’ll do me.

After all, Bud Light is the beer of the many, not of the few so dilly, dilly your butt on to some chocolate amber stout possum grape or whatever. :sunglasses:

I just had a friend on instagram post a picture of a $58 Swiss cheeseburger that she thought might be worth it after touring London and Italy before heading home. Prepare to spend more than you thought. … 61FpbqY00/

Zurich is a beautiful and clean city. It’s three hours by train to Geneva but Zurich is the better of the two. I do like the trip around Lake Geneva, over into France. Montreaux is on the eastern end and a quaint town with a statue of Freddie Mercury on the edge of the lake. Both cities are expensive. I always found it fascinating that the French language was primary in Geneva and German primary in Zurich, I suppose because of their respective proximities to the two different countries.

She’s talking about taking a train to Italy but obviously subject to change.

Actually not a dig at you Mr. Bud Lite. Just hoping there’s more than lagers and pilsners.

You will love the beer in Europe. I don’t know what it is, but even European beers are better there. Obviously there are all types & it’s just a matter of personal taste which ones you like better, but I’ve never had one in Europe that didn’t seem better to me than its equivalent type in the US.

One thing to remember about Switzerland is that it is small. You can get to many places within it or even outside it in short amounts of time. A train to Italy is very doable. Or even to southern Switzerland to Lugano or St. Moritz. They’re Italian by culture whereas Zurich is German & Geneva is French.


The weather will be in th 50’s for highs and 30s for lows. Perfect.

Switzerland is a great place to start for European visits. Hope ya’ll have a great time over there.

There’s a ski resort in the Swiss Alps called Garmisch which is supposed to be top notch, if that’s your thing.

Italy would be a great choice. We spent 3 weeks (counting 2 days air travel to and from) there and enjoyed every minute. We had multiple overnight stays in Rome, Sorrento, Florence, Torino (Turin), Venice, and Milan. We also took a 3 night side trip from Torino to Monte Carlo (1 1/2 hours by train), which was absolutely beautiful, but stupid expensive. I wouldn’t recommend a stop in Torino (Turin). There’s not much there to see. We stopped for just one day and night because my wife had an Aunt that lived there.

Our favorite stay was Sorrento, along the Amalfi Coast and an hour boat ride from the Isle of Capri (WOW). We also took a day trip from Sorrento to Pompei and Mt Vesuvius, the famous volcano. That would be a long train ride from Switzerland though as Sorrento and the Amalfi coast are near the southern end of Italy. The closest cities from Switzerland would probably be Milan and Venice. You can’t go wrong with any choices of cities in Italy though. Architecture is breathtaking.

If you are going to spend a few days and see multiple cities in Italy, I would strongly suggest you go to the lobby of the train station you arrive at in Italy and let a customer service rep help you map out your trains. Just let him know what cities and in what order you are planning to visit and let him set up all your train travel. We did this when we flew into Rome and a rep was happy to spend about 45 minutes with us and set up all our tickets and trains for the 3 week trip. He made certain all of our trains were express, not locals with lots of stops. Their train system is fantastic, but a word of caution, don’t be late because they run on a strict time schedule and are never late. Also, have your luggage in hand ready to board, because their stops are very short.

Richard, London and Paris are must visits - just be careful.