Megan is one lucky wife

She’s about to arrive back into town, but I got this.

:lol: :lol:

Richard that’s a pretty nice gift for your wife. I hope it works better than the one I bought. Keep the pets away from it. In my case it’s my 3 kids trying to ride it.
Oh well kids make mistakes just like we do.
Merry Christmas.

She bought it about a year or so ago. I’ve never used it until yesterday while she was coming back from being out of town.

Sam and Reuben really didn’t have an issue with it. It did a great job. I was skeptical until I saw it work.

You made your wife happy by helping her.
Was she sunrised you cleaned up?

danger, Will Robinson, Danger!


My daughter badly wanted one of those. My son-in-law had it shipped to our house because my daughter is notorious for opening everything. I forgot to tell my wife. My daughter and wife came home to find the box just inside the door. My wife asked my daughter to open the package and see what was in it. I came home to the opened package and announced to my wife that it was for her and she needed to just seal it back until Christmas. My daughter was envious, complaining that she had wanted one for some time. Santa Clause brought my daughter her robot yesterday.

LOL. That’s a good one.

My mom instilled that in me. I can’t stand being in a cluttered or non-clean environment.

There is a new one at our house as well.

I am anxious to see how the dogs react.

I learn long time ago you never, ever buy your wife a vacuum cleaner for Christmas without something else under the tree

I got my wife a gun for Christmas. It’s a Red Ryder BB gun.

Funny story, Walmart put out a big display with Red Ryder guns stacked to the sky about three weeks ago. I bought one for Jean Ann. Just before I go to the duck camps each year (there are three), she emphatically says, “Don’t shoot your eye out!”

So I got it just after Thanksgiving at the first sight of this display. I wrapped it up and it became the first present under the tree, along with a companion package that included BBs, targets, a carry case and eye goggles (so you don’t shoot your eye out).

We had Jean Ann’s family Christmas with her sisters and brother and all their family. We do a dirty Santa exchange. Lo and behold, she bought a Red Ryder gun thinking she would figure out a way to end up with it. So did Kristopher, our son in law. So there were two BB guns at play in the game between 23 folks.

One was picked early on and Jean Ann then stole it. It was quickly stolen again and frozen. Soon the other BB gun was in play. My turn came and with the last chance to steal and freeze it, I passed. Jean Ann was heartbroken. Everyone in the room new I had gotten her one and so there was a roar of laughter. She didn’t get it.

I actually had her open it before Christmas. I couldn’t stand it. So on Dec. 23, our 40th wedding anniversary, I handed her the Red Ryder BB gun to open along with the anniversary card I picked out. She was over joyed. We took it out in the yard the next day and did some target practice with everyone in the family hammering a diet coke can. Much fun.

I don’t know how you could enjoy a Christmas present as much that does not also guarantee good health. We have had a lot of fun with Jean Ann’s new toy. She has for sure.

Did you hear the one about the family that had a dog alone at home. The dog did “his business” on the floor and then the robot spread all over the place before the owners returned.

I worked up a sweat just watching that . :lol:

It’s tough having a beverage while the floor is being cleaned.

My wife wants one. I have had doubts. Please report on how it works.

Just hit clean and get out of the way. Empty it after about 30 mins.

It really does a good job.