Meeting with team

Anybody know how the meeting went with the team and HY?

Evidently not all the players showed up.

Hearing Boyd was one of them.

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That did or didn’t show up?

So now we have a bunch of Morris recruits quitting and not showing up to enter transfer portal. I get the money angle, I just don’t think 40-60 year olds (of which I am one) truly grasp how this younger generation reacts to things. Stuff like missing a team meeting would not be tolerated back in the day, now a total different world. Firing is done. Nothing left but rebuild. This has to go to the studs and folks just gonna have to be patient. A couple more 2-10 a real possibility

Which ones? The seniors who are moving on or the young ones?

Told the the meeting went well, no sadness like with Bret.

Lunney was welcomed with big applause from the players.


Told Boyd was there.


At some point Lunney deserves a shot at OC. He may have to go somewhere to get it but I think he deserves a chance to prove himself. Maybe these next few games shows enough to at least get a shot somewhere.

Yurachek asked them not to jump into the portal

He say anything about the future hire?

Was K J there?

Sounds like around the Mizzou game. Could be before or after.

Lunney is a good man.

If Arkansas boosters are ready to have high expectations and pay more than hoping cheap second tier can be number one - give me a call. Last few years all I see is weak commitment from the U for success.

And being shocked and outraged when it doesn’t happen.

Saved money hiring CCM right?

How did that work out?

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Did the players expect or want there to be a change at HC?
Never could read whether the players were on board & buying into the coaching or recognized that as the reason for the bad performance.

Assume all of the coordinators are remaining thru the remainder of the season?

Lunney has been a good coach & is respected with success throughout his career. Hope AR can keep him.

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Saved money compared to what? Gus? We could not have paid enough to get Gus once Auburn decided they wanted him back. I think once the Gus Bus got a flat, the list of candidates dwindled real fast. Possibly down to one.

Can’t say a percentage, but I’m told Morris and Bret recruits were ready for him to go. That showed yesterday.

Wow, even without a known percentage, that’s a pretty clear narrative.

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What impression did you get from some of our main freshman Jefferson, Burks, Knox, and Henry?

Or word about their feelings about what’s going on?

If they were 5-5 it probably wouldn’t be that way. The losing and other issues took a toll.