Medical question for the board about golf and arthritis

I have had no luck in finding an effective treatment for arthritis in my fingers so I can grip the golf club better. I have seen a hand specialist and talked to all my doctor buddies, but they just say take an anti-inflammatory. I have osteo arthritis…not a lot of pain, but I have stiffness in my fingers. I can’t make a fist. I have been to physical therapy and searched the internet for a real help, but nothing has really made a significant difference. I will not take strong medication because of the side effects.

I have bigger grips, not as large as Bryson DeChambeau, but jumbo tour wraps with a couple of wraps.

Do any of you have a suggestion? I am competitive, and it is frustrating to not be able to play well as I know I could if I could grip it tighter.

Acupuncture might help with pain and inflammation but it is not going to clear out the crap build up in your joints that is getting in the way of normal movement. Does ice packs or cold compresses help at all to reduce the inflammation?

I just went through an electric shock nerve test at Ortho Arkansas to detect where pinching and compression have damaged my nerves to my hand. I had a bunch of pinched nerves caused by the traction in my arms and back for bypass surgery. The pinky side of my right hand was dead after the surgery, but it has slowly improved to 50% over a 14 month period. That is not your problem but I am saying I understand hand problems and hope you can get some relief.

I’d try Diclofenac Sodium Topical Solution 1.5%, the generic version of Mallinckrodt’s Pennsaid 1.5%. The brand name can cost hundreds of dollars (some places close to a thousand dollars), but the generic, and using something like a Good Rx coupon, is $20-$30.

I find it’s better than Voltaren topical because the base is DMSO and it’s absorbed better. It’s supposed to be used for knees but I use it on my poor old feet and a bum shoulder.

I am a convert to CBD creams. I use it on my elbow and knee and find about as much relief as I do with Ibuprofen. I now only take ibuprofen when I have a headache.

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Thanks for the replies. I will try the topical solution and the CBD cream. I used to smoke it and now I will rub it on my hands. I hope the cream makes me feel as good and mellow as the smoke did.

CBD tincture during the day, and a low dose “edible“ at night before bedtime is my regimen. No more ibuprofen, Tylenol or Aleve needed.

Know what you mean. I feel like I am rubbing more alcohol on my hands right now than pouring down my throat. :grinning:

One of my golf buddies is seeing a hand specialist in Little Rock. I can get his name if you want it.

He injects cortisone shots in the joints that are hurting. They last 3 to 4 months. It’s made a lot of difference in his game.

I like Icy Hot roll on, 16% active ingredient. I don’t know if it would work on fingers (put it on before you play, and again at the turn. That stuff sometimes works. It’s worth a try.

Be careful when you take a leak

I hear y’all. Had 3 steroid back injections and both hands operated on for carpal tunnel. I keep thinking I’m only one swing thought away from hitting the golf ball the way I used too. I have an inversion table that really helps my back but now my freaking neck hurts. Getting old sucks.

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The inversion table changed my life. Literally. I had hurt my lower back in college, and it has flared up for over 50 years. I had big numb spots in my legs and feet. The back pain was excruciating when I stood for more than a few minutes, and my job required I stand for 8-10 hours a day.

I tried the table when we were killing time before a movie. Amazing results. Bought one immediately. Pain free after a few weeks. Got the feeling back in my legs and heel after six months. Now I use it whenever I need it. After yard work. Vacuuming the carpet. Or just get out of bed wrong. I don’t know what I would have done without it.

If your are in a “Medical Legal” or “Recreational Legal” state look for a CBD cream that has at least a 10% THC Content. The “Entourage Effect” is real. I prefer a 50/50 but I have friends who prefer 75/25 CBD to THC. I also agree on the edibles.

I’m working this summer at a regenerative medicine clinic in North Carolina that does, among other things, joint injections for hand arthritis. We have used stem cell injections combined with platelet rich plasma. Stem cells (no, not from fetuses) are very expensive and insurance doesn’t pay for them at all, so it’s cash on the barrelhead. I’m scheduled to do a followup PRP injection next week on a woman who got the SC/PRP combination in her wrist in April.

Don’t know if anyone in Arkansas is doing this kind of procedure.

JIHawg, I would appreciate the name of the hand specialist who does give cortisone shots. Thanks a bunch. This is probably my last, best hope.

Swine, Freddie Couples the golfer, has been to Germany and gotten that platet rich plasma treaatment for his lower back and said in this article that it really helped his degenerative disc problem. Most of us can’t afford to fly to Germany and pay cash for those treatments. I am sure it is expensive. So, are these procedures available in the U.S. at this time or just in Europe?

We’re not doing the lower back at my clinic but I’m not sure why we couldn’t. PRP is actually a lot cheaper than stem cells. We take a vial or two of your blood, spin it down in a centrifuge to separate PRP from red cells and inject the PRP back into the spots that need it,

Amended: I just checked with the woman who does what I do at a sister clinic, She says we could do lower back PRP no problem and like I said it’s not horribly expensive. Some insurance companies do cover it.

For those who also suffer from peripheral neuropathy, I’ll throw this out there. I have found that one or two puffs from a disposable THC pen gives me almost instant relief from the nerve pain. I mean within one to two minutes. I cannot inhale the actual bud as it’s just too harsh, but the vape pen is much more mild. And it doesn’t stink. If the neuropathy is really acting up, I’ll also use a spray tincture under the tongue for longer lasting results. I’ve experimented with different ratios and, so far, they have all worked fine.

Now if could just find something for the numbness, it would be great. A portable TENS unit helps, but doesn’t cure.

Getting old is a serious business.

We’re doing peripheral neuropathy treatments in my clinic, Starting with electromagnetic field generation in combination with megavitamin injections to improve circulation and help damaged peripheral nerves heal. We can then progress to stem cells and Wharton’s jelly but those are very expensive and not covered,

How does the electromagnetic field generation work vs a TENS unit? I have read about a device called the Rebuilder and it has a lot of mumbo jumbo written about it, but it seems like a TENS unit sold for 700-1800 vs 25 for the TENS.

Is the Wharton’s jelly controversial at all?

The EMF generator is called a Hako-med. It’s not too different than a TENS but the purpose is different, We turn it up to where you just barely feel the stimulation; it’s not intended to get down to the muscles, just to stimulate circulation to the subdermal nerve endings. That improved circulation also helps get the megavitamin blend to those same endings to accelerate the healing,

Wharton’s jelly is essentially another source of stem cells. I’m not aware of any controversy regarding its use. It’s harvested from umbilical cords of babies that are born normally. Here’s a paper on the use of WJ for peripheral nerve repair if you wanna plow through it.