media question to players

For you guys that interview the players could you ask whoever you are interviewing how the opposition looks?

Ask the qb’s how the db’s look and vise/versa
The db’s how the wr’s look v/v
O-line and d-line

It seems we get the same ole cliched canned answers about how their own group is doing or how they are improving. I want to know what they think about the person they have been going against all spring and summer.

I bet we’ll find out how the o-line is doing if you ask the d-linemen. If we get answers like “they are really coming along, or they have a ways to go, but they’ll get there”. Then our o-line may not be doing so well. But if they say “Colton is doing really good in pass skell and Froholdt is a beast in the run game”. I know i would feel better.

Its kinda like asking someone if the think a girl is good looking and they say she has a great personality or she’s really funny. You know somethings up.

Ask the position coaches the same thing about their counterparts.


Those questions are asked when they are practicing. They haven’t practiced in three months, hence the mounds of coach speak last Friday.

I get what your asking the the guys asking the questions. It would give us some good insight: however, a "please’ would be nice.