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For many years I received a hard copy of the football media guide in the mail. I don’t remember when or why that stopped. I know I can access it on line but that kinda sucks…takes too long to see what I want to see. How can I purchase a hard copy?

Mine came in the mail today. I checked the Foundation web site and found that everyone who gives at the Big Red level (minimum of $100) or above receives a media guide. You can call the Foundation at (479) 443-9000 if you have questions. They might also be able to help you get a copy. If not, I would think that you could contact any one of the three listed below for more information. I have dealt with Oliver Grigg for baseball questions and he has been helpful.


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I gave $100 specifically to get media guides, since I’m not in the market for season tickets any more. Hopefully mine gets to NC soon.

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I generally don’t look at mine much. PM me your address and I’ll mail you mine when it shows up.

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I would be lost without one. There is so much there that comes in handy. I hope to pick one up next week. The true treasure is a spiral bound. It does not come unglued. You can lay it out and pages won’t turn or tear loose.


I have saved some of the recent media guides from various sports on my computer. The only thing I don’t like about the digital copy is that I find it a bit difficult to move to the page I want to look at since there are so many pages. It can be a lot of hit and miss to get it to land on the right page.

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