Media Availability This Fall

It was great to watch video today of an actual press conference with coaches and players up in front of the media. (And we could even hear the questions asked, which was a big bonus.) I didn’t realize they had planned to do it in-person. I was honestly surprised to see it with the surge in covid in-state.

Is the expectation that they will continue to do press conferences this way through fall practice and games, or will they take a wait-and-see approach?

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The plan is to do it with media in the room, although each outlet is restricted to just two. That room will be used all season – or until something happens that makes it nonsensical. I know our staff has been vaccinated. I suspect most of the media has been vaccinated, but I don’t ask people that question. The coaches and players that come to the room are no doubt vaccinated.

That it’s also on Zoom allows for anyone who is not comfortable to stay at home (or the office). Most media have been operating from home for a long time. Our office is open, but only a few are there.

Of course, I have been working form my home on the Norfork River (except for a few days that I deem important) for over three years.

My plans are to travel to games this year, although that can always change. I went to all games last year and would like to continue to do that.

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I hope everyone can attend the press conferences and games in person. It has different ring and flavor if someone has chance to do it in person compared to remotely. To quote the SEC tagline–it just means more.

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