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Hogs are the fifth most popular pick to make the playoffs. Interestingly all the experts who picked the hogs in their playoff predictions had three sec teams in their playoffs selection. That’s crazy. Ain’t no way they’re gonna let 3 out of 4 playoff teams come from the sec.

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While very flattering to get this recognition, premature praise can be like what Saban calls “rat poison”. I know this is prime conversation for talking heads and message boards, but hopefully our team’s focus remains, this weeks game. Sam is a smart guy, so hopefully he is letting this kind of talk influence only the fans and the recruits.

I don’t think it’s rat poison until it’s said year after year just because. For now I’ll call it recognition.

We know the real rat poison lurks in the defensive backfield. That is clearly the weakness of this team. That and wide receivers holding downfield, but that should be fixable. We are giving up too many chunk plays via air mail, guys getting the ball without a defender within 5-10 yards and huge gaps to run through. I haven’t studied the schedule, so don’t know which teams have that combination of good offensive lines, a quarterback who can extend the play, and multiple effective receivers. But the SEC is usually full of them. We could have some high-scoring games. That said, these CFP projections and one-offs could be premature. Don’t get me wrong, I’m optimistic, hopeful, but also realistic. Maybe some more game time in the system for younger guys and transfers will take hold with better communication and just learning.

I think some of this is our schedule. It gives us an opportunity to win one game, Bama at home, and immediately be squarely in the picture. We could lose one more game and still be able to play our way in to the playoffs by beating GA in the SEC Championship game.

Not many teams have a schedule that would allow them to lose one game and still have a good chance for the play-offs. It all depends on that one win against Bama. And, we have them at home. Lose 2, though and we are out.

Of course, that also means that no team has a tougher schedule than we do.

It’s possible our hardest remaining game is against BYU

No, it’s Bama. The way the refs will call it. The way the QB can escape. Gonna be tough


Don’t forget Auburn. Seems every year (especially the last two), no matter who is the better team and plays the better game, something always happens to bail them out against Arkansas. Hoping that curse gets broken this year.

I think we’re due this year with Auburn. Nice road win to be had.

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