Measurements from NBA Combine

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Absolutely Absurd!

Gafford was listed on our roster at 6-11, 233. I’m pretty sure the NBA measures them with shoes off (sorry Dudley) but I thought he might have tried to bulk up a little in his workouts since March.

Surprised Reggie Perry was only 6-8.

Never fails, players shrink as soon as they leave college for the NBA.
Or measured in college wearing extra thick socks and sneakers with thick soles.

Gafford is only 6-9? He is a long, tall 6-9. That will hurt him a little, I think, in the draft. I will never believe another height and weight the U of A puts out in basketball. Why don’t they give us real measurements of guys…they are only fooling themselves when they put out false information.

The 6’ 9.25’’ measurement is without shoes. He’s 6’ 10.5’’ with shoes on, per

It’s all relative. Charles Bassey, the WKU center who slightly got the best of Daniel in BWA, was listed as 6’11 at WKU and measured at 6’8 3/4 at the combine.

Barkley was really 6’4, Akeem was really 6’10 and on and on and on and on and on and on…

The world is full of 6-9 guys who can’t shoot, but a 6-11 guy who can shoot is prized…see Kevin Durant.

I just don’t understand why we can’t tell the truth on a guy’s size. Gafford is 6-9. He is not 6-11…no one measures their height having shoes on. More fake news. Gafford at 6-11 is a great prospect who can run and protect the rim…at 6-9 he is not quite as great a prospect. The NBA scouts look at everything, and I mean everything…no need to try to hide a guy’s real size. It will become known.