Measurements for Arkansas basketball players

From the Razorbacks’ game notes:

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what’s the diff between vertical and max vertical?

Basically, vertical is standing start, max vertical is running start, as I understand it.

Are both ways off of 2 feet? Or is the running start like a breakaway dunk off of one foot?

I haven’t been there to watch them measure, but I would guess running start is off one foot. High jumpers go off one foot, after all, and breakaway dunks as you mentioned.

Vertical is standing jump off of 2 feet. Max vert is not really a running start, but more taking a step or 2 off one foot and exploding.

Makes sense. Not all that many opportunities for the big running start in hoops, but lots of chances to move over a few feet to jump for a rebound or to try to block a shot.

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This is another team without much height,will have to work extremely hard to keep from getting pounded on the boards,I would love to see us sign some big 6’9-10 kids that can actually help us but for some reason we haven’t been getting them for few yrs J Will is the exception

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It makes me happy to see that Connor Vanover now weighs more than I do. Congratulations to both of us!


I think most everyone here would like to see a few 6’9’, 6"10 guys, Billy, but I think we’re gonna be pleasantly surprised by what we get from Wade and Johnson on the boards this season. Those guys are dudes.

I think Muss will sign another 6-10 player when it appears that JWill is done with his career. You can’t beat the drum of positionless basketball and at the same time have multiple true bigs on the roster.

Yeah they will have to work hard at positioning to offset the difference in height.i have heard they are solidly built…I hope for the best

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Which makes Lykes numbers even more insane

Could use a couple of 6-10 guys. Wasn’t for a lack of trying by the staff. Just missed out on 3-4 really good bigs they were recruiting.

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