Meanwhile up in Columbia MO...

Mizzou is hiring Cuonzo Martin and giving him a 7yr deal. Just got beat at home in the NIT by Cal State Bakersfield.
3yrs at Missouri St 61-41

3yrs at Tennessee 63-41

3yrs at Cal 62-39

He can coach. He gets over the 20 win number and still got fired at Tennessee a few years ago! I liked him in the SEC and think he will do well in the SEC. He has connections in Missouri and he is from St Louis.
He does not play politics.

Comments: actually he is a good hire, he did wonders at Missouri State before taken that head coaching job at Tennessee. Cuzo will immediately tear down that wall between Columbia and Saint Louis city/county, where all of those kids are currently leaving the state to play elsewhere but Columbia.

He wasn’t fired.

Illinois was also after him as well. That’s why I laugh at all those guys that were saying earlier in the year we should get rid of CMA, saying he wasn’t a high major coach, and naming all these replacement coaches. It’s HARD to find a quality coach. There aren’t a whole lot of coaches that have had a really high level of success that are available, and those that are usually are aiming for those few blue blood jobs. Had some had their way and CMA was fired, he’d been the most sought after coach this off-season. He pretty much would have had his pick of the available schools looking for a coach. Probably would have got paid more than what he’s making here at Arkansas as well.

And I’m not saying all this to knock Counzo Martin, but he’s only been to 2 NCAA tournaments in 9 years of head coaching, and they just gave him a 7 year contract, 21 million dollar contract. That just shows you what the market looks like. With that said, I do think Martin was the best possible hire Mizzou could have hoped for. He’s a great recruiter and he’ll have them as a 20 win team in a couple of years. And most importantly with his Mizzou connections he’ll keep their top in-state kids with the program. I’m curious now to see what LSU does now. We need both them and Mizzou to be a good opponents in the future, because we have a permanent home/home series with both programs.

Also, in some related news…

Lorenzo Romar is out at Washington. Michael Porter, who is from Missouri, is committed there. I HIGHLY doubt he goes to Washington now. Can Cuonzo Martin land Porter? It’s going to be interesting. If he does, we’re talking about Mizzou making a HUGE step. Michael Porter is a legit top 3 NBA prospect.


He (Romar) hired Porter’s dad last year, are they releasing him too? That might decide where he goes

And Martin hired Porter Sr. There you go, didn’t take long

Where did you see that at?

Paul Biancardi ESPN

Cool. Thanks for update.

This is beyond huge for Mizzou. This is honestly best news they’ve had in a long time. Michael Porter instantly makes them competitive.

I copied his Tweets text, don’t know how to link the Tweet. Also, Porter Jr has not signed a NLI
NOTE: I embedded the tweet for you. - BBH

Also, Porter, SR and Romar are best friends, don’t be shocked if Romar shows up with Cuonzo at Missery, or if Porter leaves if Romar gets another HC gig

Edit: Romar maybe going to be an assistant with the Clippers

Response; The rumor mill had him being fired, he left because of a job offer…

Comments: Cuzco has already stated he will add Porter senior to his coaching staff

Yep, posted the conformation from ESPN above

One thing I will say is, I’m not a huge fan of hiring someone as an assistant based on getting their kids to sign. While it is tempting it seems as if it rarely works out. A recent example is Pastner (when he was at Memphis) hired the Lawson’s father. It’s just one of those things where it seems like a good idea, but in the long wrong it does more harm than good. It’s like everybody (including the other players) know the only reason the Dad has the job is because of his kid. So, it already starts as a situation with a little bit of tension. The last thing you want is players thinking they don’t have to listen to a coach, because he’s only there because of his son.

Me personally, I wouldn’t even want a job that way. I’d want to prove myself first as being a competent assistant, then after I’ve proven that if my kids want to come play for me after that, they are welcome to. But, the Lawson’s dad had no college coaching experience, and the Porter’s dad had no men’s college basketball coaching experience before this year. And this year, their record was horrible. Not really the normal recipe to quickly get another job once the head coach is fired.

Wasn’t aware of your post, I received a text message from BR team stream report

Yeah, they (ESPN, and BR) sent out several tweets, but I haven’t seen anything actually official, yet. Also, hearing some rumors about Jr as well.

Martin sought another job because of shabby treatment from Tennessee fans/boosters. Broadly, Vol fans were dissatisfied with Martin’s style of basketball after the excitement of Bruce Pearl’s teams. They wanted to fire Martin and rehire Pearl. Martin did nothing wrong except take that job.

09 is correct. Martin was never able to get out of Bruce Pearls shadow. Vol nation never accepted him. He took the first train out of Knoxville.