Meanwhile TX NIT home crowd pic just before tip

Per longtime Austin radio personality and longhorn fan Ed Clements who called it embarrassing. … e=5D12DA75

Read official attendance was 1400 to 1700 people.

1739 was the figure on the box score.

All the Texas fans were watching their top 20 baseball team get demolished by someone.

What team was that :grinning::grinning:W P S

Just like here, there are a few boosters that are after Shaka Smart. They never wanted him at Texas. Similar sentiment was there against coach Strong. That is a tough job.

Shaka has been hurt by NBA departures. He keeps getting 5 stars, but they leave after one year. Problem is that he is getting them one a year rather 5 a year like Cal and Coach K,

He needs to start buying 3 or 4 one and dones at a time like Cal.
I don’t care if Texas ever wins! Their attendance is only part of the arrogant fan base that I can’t stand. I hope the hogs put another whipping on them on the diamond today!

That’s a glorius picutre of gametime at the Super Drum!

I always liked Rick Barnes (even as difficult as that was for me while he was at the original Evil Orange Empire), and I remember feeling at the time that Texas was making a big mistake firing him. He took Texas to the Big Dance 16/17 years, a couple of sweet 16’s, a couple of Elite 8’s and a Final Four to boot. I say it serves them right for running him off, thinking they deserved better results than that. And I hated to see him go to Tennessee because I figured he would be very successful there.

I don’t keep up with Texas basketball much anymore but I see Smart hasn’t won 20 games since his first season. I can see why some boosters are after him.

Oddly enough, Texas fired Rick because in his last 7 years at Texas, they did not make it second weekend of NCAAT ( even lost in first round of CBI one year) and some key player transferred, Sound familiar?

Texas felt they had made the right decision when Tennessee had a losing season his first year there and 16-16 season the year after.

Somewhat familiar. Not exactly, though.

3-year trend - NCAAT 2 out of 3 years
5-year trend - NCAAT 4 out of 5 years
Last 8 years - NCAAT 7 out of 8 years; 1 Elite 8, 3 Round of 32’s

Difference in Barnes is that he built up nice equity. Definitely a big risk firing him. I understand it a little, though.