Meanwhile . . . Stanford loses again . . . Hogs now #2 RPI . . .

. . . and RPI SOS.

Stanford has lost consecutive games against Washington. They conclude that series tomorrow.

With Florida’s certain loss to LSU to be completed when they resume tomorrow morning, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that we can finish the SEC Tournament with the #1 overall RPI if we win the next two games.

And that would be great, IF it happens. But what has long since been assured is that we are a lock for a top 8 seed. All that remains is to see just where we are seeded (and which other regional we’re paired with). I’m thinking we’ll be the 4 seed. We’ll know soon enough.

The D1 released projection Friday that had the hog projected as the 3 seed! I still don’t know how much the needle will move. I just want our hogs to get a good start out of Campbell tomorrow! 5 or 6 innings and not allow over 2 runs.
From that point the bull pen should be able to close the door.
I would like to see Jake Rheindl get a few innings.
Win tomorrow and Sunday throw the best option of Scroggins, Bolden and Bonnin.

I’m sure Stanford is a fine team but they haven’t played near the schedule we have I would love to see them come over here and play the road schedule we’ve had to play

I think it’s likely that Florida will lose today, but I’ve seen some weird things happen when games are postponed until the next day. Momentum changes. So do circumstances. That could especially be the case if LSU has to throw an end of the line pitcher.

I remember the Arkansas-Texas A&M series in College Station three years ago when Arkansas was getting whipped on Saturday and about to lose the series, then they scored six runs over the final two innings to win after play was resumed Sunday, then beat A&M 8-2 the final game.

I understand why run rules are in place in tournament settings, but I wonder how many times it prevents a memorable comeback. There was the game in the early days of Baum when Arkansas scored 11 runs in the ninth to beat South Carolina. I remember a high school football playoff game up here several years ago between Shiloh Christian and Nashville. The AAA mercy rule is 35 points after halftime, then there is a running clock. Shiloh was down 35-0, but scored in the final minute of the second quarter to negate the mercy rule. It would up winning 51-49, which never would have happened with a running clock.

All of that is unlikely, but you just never know.

About the original topic . . . RPI has now been updated to reflect Florida’s loss. With the RPI of the two opponents we could play in the SECT (assuming a win later today), I don’t know if we can surpass Florida for the top RPI. In fact, I doubt it. But, ultimately, that really doesn’t matter, given where we are and where we’ll finish if we aren’t #1 in RPI.

As for the other direction the thread went . . . I really didn’t care as much about a Florida rally (UNLESS they had tied the game and played several extra innings :slight_smile: ). I’m just happy LSU couldn’t sleep in and had to report at the ball park so early. These are 18-21 year old’s we’re talking about, so it probably doesn’t make too much difference. But it can’t hurt our cause.

Their nonconference SOS is better than ours (#29 to #57) but the P12 isn’t as good as the SEC and that shows.

Meanwhile, our RPI is close enough to the Wallets that we might pass them for #1 by winning tonight and almost certainly if we take the title tomorrow.