Meanwhile, OU eliminates Texas in Big 12 Tournament

Maybe we can get the shorthorns back up to Fayetteville for another helping of Bevo-branding in our regional. We’ve taken several trips to Austin for Tournament games over the years.

Time for them to come take their lumps again.

I think Texas will host.

In Monday’s bracketology update, D1 Baseball has the Fallopians as a regional host as a 12 seed, paired with – you guessed it – us in the super.

Anytime you have the chance to play Texas at home it should be treated like a national holiday! I’d love for the horns to come for a visit and a whipping!

I know that was the general consensus going into the Conference Tournaments. But their RPI currently sits at 21. I know iRPI isn’t the only thing that matters - but they didn’t do themselves any favors. And I feel if it were Arkansas with the exact same resume,we would NOT host. I remember a few years ago when our RPI was 16 or 17 and we didn’t get to host.

Well, if they do host, then advance to Fayetteville for the Super, that could work as well. In fact, in some ways it’s even better. It would be kind of like 1990, when we swept them in the regular season (in basketball), and then defeated them again at Barnhilll South to advance to the Final Four.

Texas won the regular season championship in a major conference - probably the third-best conference in the country. That carries a lot of weight.

That’s a good point, Matt, and worthy of consideration.

But Texas just went 0-2 and out in their Conference Tournament, including a pounding at the hands of hapless Kansas . . . meanwhile, the Aggies (RPI now 14) are streaking (bad visual) at just the right time. Probably won’t happen, because the committee doesn’t want to take the heat for so many SEC teams hosting already . . . but it would be great it A&M stole the regional from Texas and the Horns had to go there. That would be some good college drama.