Meanwhile Ole Miss scores on the first play of the game

Ole Miss defense has no shot to stop Alabama but the Ole Miss quarterback throws a deep ball as good as anybody I’ve ever seen

And LSU just beat Auburn, 22-21

Who cares?! Why compare ourselves to other teams?

Isn’t KJ Jefferson there this weekend too?


Don’t like that topped with today’s showing.

Because we’ve been holding back. This has been a gigantic ruse. We are setting up the SEC teams big time.

8-0 baby

Because we have to play other teams, much better teams than we have seen so far.

We really can’t compare our current Razorbacks to the majority of SEC programs this season, we are at the lowest level most of us have seen the program in our lifetime.
I never felt that this season would be much better than last season due to the coaching change, overall talent level of this roster and lack of experience at QB.
However, the reason we have to compare our team to those other teams within our conference is simply because we have to play them every season and if we eventually want to be able to compete with them consistently it is realistic that we id notify what level we must get to in order to accomplish that goal.

Go Hogs!