Meanwhile North Texas is smoking SMU 39 to 7

I didn’t realize our old buddy Cole Hedlund was kicking for them he has 4 field goals one from 51 yards

Yeah - I was going to post that.

Our worst nightmare would be Hedlund coming in and kicking the winning FG in Razorback Stadium after all of his “disappointments” there wearing cardinal. And you know how satisfying it would be for him!

And make no mistake about it. N. Texas is a confident and dangerous team for this group of “new” Razorbacks to handle. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that is a very closely contested game.

I think, at the moment, N Texas is the better team. Beating them would be an impressive feat for a rebuilding Arkansas program.

It was 36-0, North Texas leading, at the start of the 4th quarter. SMU won the 4th quarter 23-10 but you have to assume they were scoring on the second defense by that point. Cole hit 51, 41, 40, & 18 yard field goals. North Texas led in first downs 30-9. They dominated SMU.

That tells me Hedlund has the talent but wasn’t being coached correctly by our previous staff. He was great in high school, not good with the Hogs, and looks to be on point again now at North Texas.

Oh with their passing game being light yrs ahead of EI we will be very lucky to win ,especially after seeing a offense very similar to ours in SMU.

Kickers, more-so than any other position, are so much into their own heads that they can be next to impossible to “coach” (raises hand as a former kicker). So much of kicking is mental - kind of like a golf swing - and if the kicking stroke gets “off”, it sometimes takes a change of venue to reset the mental mechanism and get back on track. Heck - look at how many swing coaches Tiger has had over the last 20 years.

I guess Cole just needed a fresh start. I wish him well - in every game except the one against us, of course.

We don’t know who we are yet
We don’t know how bad SMU is after losing some studs
UNT plays Incarnate Word before us so we won’t know how good they are still.

Cole was 14-of-24 in his time at Arkansas

9-15 in 2015 - long of 45
5-7 in 2016 - long of 38
0-2 in 2017

So that means - in his first game at North Texas - he had a career-long 51 yarder and appears well on his way to a career-high in FGs.

Change of scenery may have done him good certainly not the first time that’s ever happened

SMU is running the Air Raid this year under Dykes, where running is something you do occasionally to let the receivers catch their breath. CM’s offense is a lot closer to Auburn’s than the Leach/Dykes Air Raid.

I do think UNT is familiar with CM’s offense from his days with SMU, but that works both ways. The bottom line of course is that the OL just has to improve to win enough games to go to a bowl.

0 for 3, 63-119 familiar.

Good for him. I wish him well, but he had legitimately lost his job at Arkansas as far as I’m concerned.