Meanwhile...LSU is STILL rated above us

…in the NET.

Just mentioned to demonstrate what crap those ratings are. They MUST be adjusted somehow.

I wonder if LSU with their better ratting would change with us. That thing has been BS all year.

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Mercy…don’t tell Muss ! :grinning:

Forgive my age but, who the hell is Warren Holder and who cares what he thinks.

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The “NET” result is that Arkansas is in the Sweet 16 and Auburn has a shot to be.

AND Kentucky, Alabama, LSU and Tennessee are all on spring break


NET has not been updated since the tournament field was announced. Notice the date: March 13.

Nor should it be. It’s a tournament selection tool and the tournament was selected last Sunday.

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It’s still BS. Look at who is still playing. Shows what the “smart guys” know.


I don’t know if we actually belong here. What does Lunardi think?

Jim, NET has nothing to do with “smart guys”. It’s completely automated. Plug in the scores and it spits out a result. Should the formula be tweaked? Probably, but their last tweak (removing margin of victory) was not an improvement. However, they’re so afraid of giving teams an excuse to run up the score, as if anyone hesitates to run it up anyway when they get a chance. The benchwarmers get two minutes of garbage time as best.

Yeah, I became aware of that after posting this.

What is confusing is that if you look at the link I provided, it does show the current record, which implies it is calculated based on recent results.

And, I KNOW what is important…where we are (in the Sweet 16). As noted in the OP, the only reason I posted it was to demonstrate (again) how sorry the NET is at is purpored job…to accruately reflect the relative strength of teams. It was NOT about where we should be seeded, etc, as it may be during the season and before seeds are announced. That is no longer relevant at this point in the post-season. But the competency of the NET itself is and always will be until the NCAA removes it from the NCAAT selection process - OR - fixes it.

A good one, Dudley. We are still laughing and dancing.

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