Meanwhile in Starkville

The SEC takes its first embarrassing loss of the season as Misstake falls to the mighty Jaguars of South Alabama 21-20. Bullies blew a 17-0 halftime lead. MSU kicker missed a 27 yard FG with 8 seconds to go.

Oh my.

I have a hard time laughing at them, yet. We have had more than our share of those games in the last 20 years.

I’m not laughing. I hate it when an SEC team takes that kind of loss. There are occasional exceptions to that, but as a rule I think we’re better served if the SEC wins nc games–especially when the opponent is a G5 opponent.

My head agrees with you 100%. I TRY to convince myself to root for all SEC teams. That said, my heart won’t always let me. I don’t dislike MSU like I do some others, but they are up there high enough that, if we win today, I will get a chuckle out of their loss.


I understand that sentiment. I had a hard time getting upset that Clemson beat Awbern. I’ll feel the same way about Ole Missus and FSU.

Life without Dak.

Two SEC teams had big leads at home, gave them up and lost – MSU and UK. Southern Miss is in the same league as La Tech, and also won nine games last year, and is picked to win their division this year (with LTU picked second) . South Alabama is picked near the bottom of the Sun Belt. I saw something on the ESPN crawler last night that South Ala had only a 2.5% chance of winning according to FPI, which makes that the biggest upset since they started doing FPI.

I was talking with a good friend last night who went to MSU. The subject was getting ready for our elk hunt next week. When we finished, I told him I like 21 much better than 20. He agreed

Yeah, the ugliest win is always better than the prettiest close loss.