Meanwhile in Queens, NY

The Red Storm are 11-5 (1-4) and after inheriting a team off a NCAA Tourney, Iron Mike appears headed to another offseason not making the dance.

But he should finish another season without a losing record.

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never should’ve fired Chris Mullen

dumb decision

Mullen actually had Johnnies trending in right direction but Ws weren’t coming fast enough for their fans

look at that program now

oh well

@hog2009 I’m beginning to think you’re not a fan of Iron Mike…. :wink: :joy:

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I have high expectations for the basketball program. That’s all.

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Not a lot of opportunities to accumulate wins in the Big East. Georgetown and Seton Hall maybe, but they’ve already lost to Seton once.

He will probably find a way to go 16-15 again though.

I am just happy Hunter Yurachek had the courage to make the change in head coaches.


When is the last time St. Johns has done anything? Very hard place to recruit to unless you just want to stay in Queens.

The best thing I can say about Queens is that it’s a better place than the Bronx or Brooklyn. Not much better but….

My cousin lived in Brooklyn for about 5 years and every time we went it was pretty nice and the food was great.


Made the tourney the season before CMA went there

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2019 Was in the play in game. This may be CMA’s last year…

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definitely his last season unless he has some kind of miraculous turnaround but they’re 1-5 already in Big East play

Mike’s done a terrible job at St. John’s

Johnnie fans want Rick Pitino Sr

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Like almost any large city there are good places. Little Debbie business was really good in the bad areas so I spent a good deal of time there. I did see a Razorback sticker on a SUV in the Bronx once. It made my day. My favorite Italian restaurant anywhere is in Queens and for the life of me I can’t remember it’s name.

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I was in the Bronx last summer, and was very pleasantly surprised. wonderful Dominican neighborhood I stayed in, super friendly people, clean, and felt very safe. I only went from my hotel to dad’s hospital (Moses Montefiore Einstein), so not a large swath of the Bronx, but it was very very different from what I’ve read about there.


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CMA has to change his philosophy if he wants to stay at a bigger D1.

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He can’t change at this point. Barring a miraculous turnaround, he’s done at St Johns after this season. And he’s just never been a good enough recruiter to attain and maintain consistent success. Feel kinda sad this is the way his coaching career is gonna end because Mike was so important to Arkansas ‘success in the 90s.


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