Meanwhile in CoMo

One team will be bowl eligible after an exciting battle. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s 3-3 in the Q2.

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FLA up 13-9, 9:51 left Q3.

Overtime at 16-16.

I hope they play all night.

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Yes indeed. No need to hurry this. Go for the record for most OT’s!

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I want Florida to win because I want the Hogs to be the team that keeps MO from going to a bowl. We owe them!


Tiggers going for 2.

23-22 Florida’s ahead Missouri going to go for two… And a little turds made it!!! I hate them… but that was a heck of a call works probably 99% of the time

:nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:


Well crap. I really wanted to keep them from going to a bowl. Just like every year, they seem to be getting it together at the end of the season, just before our game. I sure hope we have Burks for this game Friday. Once again, it sure is easier to get bowl eligibile if you’re in the SEC East than it is in the SEC West.


Actually I think this is good for Arkansas - Arkansas gets ahead watch them fold -

They Know they are going Bowling and its going to be low tier - beating Arkansas wouldn’t help them at all - I think they are perfect for the Birmingham Bowl

So Go Hogs Beat Mizzou and get to a better bowl

I would have preferred they come in here after a heartbreaking defeat. Instead they will be sky high, knowing they have a chance to equal our record at 7-5, while we are coming off 3 straight very emotional one possession games and a hard fought loss at Bama.

Hopefully Sam will continue to promote the “winning the trophy game” theme because as we well know, Mizzou will certainly embrace it.

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