Meanwhile from the Orphan Eight

Previous opponent Mobilehoma is leading next-opponent West Virginia at Morgantown, 40-32, with 14+ left in the game. Gabe Osabuohien, in his 23rd year of college basketball, has 6 points so far for the 'Eers.


Gabe must have 4-5 degrees by now with a couple of phd’s to his credit.

He may even have an AARP Membership.

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U-G-L-Y game


Now 56-46 Paperclips with 8:00 left.

WV is really challenged on offense but if i remember we looked like a sack of shinola against OKL too but based on what I see we should win a tight one Sat,they are very good on defense so probably be low scoring.

Gabe is much more aggressive now taking it to the rack, still playing very hard and fast,usually throws up scud missles(33%) from the line but is 6-8 tonight

Shoot are we going to have to face another ex-Hog again?

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I don’t think it will be tight. I think we will blow them off the floor.


Yep ole Gabe will “in the house” Sat…

I hope you’re right but against that defense,I can’t see us blowing them out at all but we will soon see.

Pomeroy’s numbers have us as a 4-point favorite against the Fighting Gabes, pending their final score against the Clips (down 7 with 1:12 left).


Just not impressed with what I see tonite from WVa tonite, Billy. Gabe looks like their best player. If he beats us Saturday, we deserve to get beat. Guarantee The Bud will be rocking!

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it has been an ugly game for sure.2 Good defenses going at it and you are correct,BWA Should be a Huge factor…Gabe has looked good for them and I can imagine he will be stoked to come back so hopefully we got something for him!! # 22 for them can play the time or 2 I’ve seen them,very good shooter usually.# 12 Sherman is their leading scorer (18ppg- 34% from 3) and # 22 Mcneil (14ppg -40% from 3)

Always liked Gabe and his hustle. But I don’t want him to have a career night against us though.

Hate that Oklahoma blew us out…the only team to do that to us this year. But we are a much better defense now. I truly do expect us to beat WVa by 20.

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He won’t. I guarantee it. Muss ain’t gonna let that happen.

That would be a glorious day in BWA if that happens for sure… I know I would love to see it LOL

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We are due another blow out win.


It’s gonna be rocking for sure at BWA!


Pomeroy now has us as a 6-point pick.

It will be very hard to watch. A lot of clanking and banging. A foul fest and FT shooting contest. Not much string music.